Territory 65 for Emily Carr University of Art + Design

The science of cartography is dismantled and reassembled, using geometry, into new territories creating opportunities to explore the poetry in the data. By juxtaposing the hard edges of the tiles with the organic markings of the maps the work invites a deeper study of the networks that connect us. Logic meets chance allowing us to study, understand, and feel the infinite.

Map Collage
10' X 10.5' 

Vancouver Mural Festival 2017 - The Infinite Line

The tight curvature of a circle relaxes as it gets bigger, its centre moving away from the arc. As that centre pushes towards infinity, the arc magically straightens out into a line.

Lululemon window 2015 - Tristesse Seeliger collaborated with Lululemon Lab in Vancouver to create a winter window installation. The theme for Lululemon Lab was to highlight their commitment to recycling and sustainable practices by shifting patterns and perspectives. As a response Tristesse made a mountain of Necker cubes collaged from the used scrap papers directly from their lab. The final piece was called Shifting Patterns / Shifting Perspectives: We are the Conscious Collective. All photography by David Crompton.